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Thank you for expressing interest in partnering with All Dads Against Bullying (ADAB) to make a meaningful impact in the fight against bullying. We value collaboration and are excited to explore partnership opportunities with individuals, organizations, and companies who share our vision.


At ADAB, we believe in the power of collective action and working together to create lasting change. By partnering with us, you can contribute to our mission of creating safe and inclusive environments for children, raising awareness about bullying, and providing support to those affected. Here are some ways you can partner with ADAB:

Corporate Sponsorship: As a corporate partner, you can provide financial support to ADAB's programs and initiatives. This can include sponsoring specific events, campaigns, or projects, or providing general support for our ongoing activities. In return, your organization will receive recognition and visibility as a valued partner committed to fighting against bullying.

Cause Marketing Collaboration: ADAB welcomes collaborations with companies interested in cause marketing initiatives. By aligning your brand with our cause, we can jointly create campaigns, products, or services that promote awareness and raise funds to support our programs. Together, we can leverage our combined reach and resources to make a greater impact.

In-Kind Donations: Non-monetary contributions can also make a significant difference. If your organization can provide goods or services that align with ADAB's needs, such as printing services, office supplies, event space, or professional expertise, we would be grateful for your in-kind support.

Volunteer Engagement: Encourage your employees or members to volunteer their time and skills to support ADAB's activities. This can involve participating in our events, workshops, or mentoring programs, or offering professional expertise in areas such as marketing, fundraising, or program development.

Collaborative Projects: If you have an idea for a collaborative project or initiative that aligns with ADAB's mission, we are open to exploring partnership opportunities. Together, we can leverage our respective strengths to create innovative solutions, drive awareness, and effect positive change in the fight against bullying.

We would be delighted to discuss partnership opportunities in more detail and tailor a collaboration that aligns with your goals and resources. Please contact our partnership team at [email address/phone number] to initiate the conversation. We look forward to working together to create a safer and more inclusive world for children.


Thank you for considering a partnership with ADAB. Your support and commitment are vital in our collective efforts to combat bullying and ensure a brighter future for all children.

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